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Zombie Classes

Z.E.A.D. has developed a class system that specifies the level of danger and length of infection for a specific Zombie.

These classes can be identified as follows:

zombie class one

Class 1

Length of Infection - 1 to 7 days
Danger Level - Low
Speed - Slow as hell
Intelligence - Really Low
Smell - Low

Pale skin color, non responsive, dark around the eyes, crazy eyes.

zombie class two

Class 2

Length of Infection - 1 to 4 weeks
Danger Level - Low to Moderate
Speed - Slow
Intelligence - Low
Smell - Low to Moderate

Pale skin color starting to rot, non responsive, dark around the eyes, eyes rolled back.

zombie class three

Class 3

Length of Infection - 1 to 4 months
Danger Level - Moderate
Speed - Slow to Fast
Intelligence - Low to Moderate
Smell - Moderate to High

Pale skin color starting to fall off, non responsive, dark around the eyes and ears, eyes rolled back, usually covered in victims blood.

zombie class four

Class 4

Length of Infection - 4 months +
Danger Level - High
Speed - Fast
Intelligence - Moderate
Smell - Like Shit

Can see bone through rotted skin, good sense of smell, responds to noise, crazy blood thirsty eyes.

zombie class five

Class 5

Length of Infection - Unknown
Danger Level - Very High
Speed - Very Fast
Intelligence - Very High
Smell - Unknown

Little is known about this class of Zombie as there are only a handful of cases on record. It is known to hunt down its victims, kill, eat, then disappear before help can arrive showing a heightened level of intelligence and cunning. Few who have seen this class of Zombie have survived to describe it. If your lucky enough to see this Zombie, your already dead! Only known images are caught on surveillance cameras.

Click here to see an artists' rendering of what this class of Zombie may look like.