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Steve Slyvowski was born, as so many were in the 70’s, into a Polish half-way house. At the tender age of 2 months his paternal parents left their native country behind and brought him to the new world... America! After the long ocean voyage, they settled into a new home and a new life.

Unfortunately, Slyvowski’s dream of a normal life was shattered when Zombies overran his town. Sly and his family stayed in hiding until one night his boyhood cat, Bubbles, got out and was eaten. That was when Sly decided to take matters into his own hands and grabbed a chainsaw. The rest is history.

zombie hunter skippy

Twenty-three years later and Sly is still lopping off Zombie heads with his chainsaw, but now has a partner in Zombie Eliminating. Sly sees himself as, “half of the brain of Z.E.A.D.” “Tricky & I have worked together for so long, it’s like we think the same. It’s like he has half the brain & I have half the brain.”

Favorite Weapon

Favorite Movie
Night of the Lepus

Sharpening things, playing banjo, & scrap booking.

Something that people don’t know about me 
That depends ...what do you know about me?

Clay-mation, scrabble & harness racing.

Commies, sunny days, & zombie huggers.



zombie hunter tricky

Shortly after the out break and the Zombie Apocalypse, Dedricky “Tricky” D. Drippy found himself trapped in his grandmother’s home. His Grandmother had unfortunately been bitten and turned Zombie. At the innocent age of 10, Tricky had no choice, but to releave his grandmothers suffering and eliminate her. The disposal was another matter.

zombie hunter tricky

Having forced his way out of the suburbs, Tricky quickly became totally good with his trusty baseball bat the “La-Bat-amist”!

Tricky lived on his own until regrouping with his life long friend, Steve “Sly” Slyvouski, in a camp set up on the outskirts of town. As a first hand witness to the destruction of the Zombie Apocalypse, Tricky realized that the only way to do it, was to do it too it! And a Zombie Hunter was born.

Favorite Weapon
The “La-Bat-amist”

Favorite Movie
Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho

Favorite Food
Liver and Onions

Killing Zombies, Making Weapons, Milking Cows, Knitting