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Born to kill Zombies!

Super best friends at the age of 8 monthes, Sly and Tricky formed a life long bond ignited by their love of weapons and hitting things. Little did they know this bond would go on to create the nation's premiere zombie eliminating agency.

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Zombie Apocalypse - 1986

In 1986, the undead ruled most of North America. This infection lasted for 15 years before the military was finally able to end most of the zombie problem. At the mature age of 8, Sly and Tricky knew this was the best time to leave home and start a zombie hunting business for profit.

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Present Day

Z.E.A.D. has over 23 years experience and a true passion for Zombie Elimination And Disposal. So much so, they named the company Zombie Elimination And Disposal. Thankfully Z.E.A.D. is here to help humanity get back to normal one smashed Zombie skull at a time (if you got some cash).

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