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The latest in Zombie hunting technology
from the Z.E.A.D. Workshop

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Aside from the standard weapons, Z.E.A.D. has designed and developed several tools to assist in the zombie hunting and locating process.

InfraDead ViraScan

InfraDead ViraScan

The newest addition to the Z.E.A.D. arsenal, the InfraDead ViraScan uses Visual Identification Radiation Articulation ScanTM (V.I.R.A. SCAN) technology to detect any trace of undead molecules. A clear visual can be seen through the little hole thingy.

zombie hunter id

I.D. (Infection Detector)

The most effective and important tool Z.E.A.D. uses. This devise checks for the very specific zombie infection in the air. If a zombie has been in the area, this devise will pick up even the faintest infection trail.

zombie class two

U.T.F. (Undead Tissue Finder)

This devise gages the amount of undead tissue in the area. This undead tissue may or may not be from a zombie. When used in combination with Z.E.A.D.'s other tools, the U.T.F. is an extremely useful when trying to track down a Zombie.

zombie class three

S.D. (Smell Detector)

This devise checks for strong smells in the area. Because zombies have a unique and strong smell, this devise is useful in locating a zombie as well as determining the zombie class or length of infection.